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Dos. Jari Haukka

Jari Haukka, Ph.D., University lecturer in public health jari.haukka [at] helsinki.fi

Long-Term Effects of Forced Migration on Heath
We study the long-term effects of human displacement using individual-level data on forced migrants and comparable non-migrants. After World War II, Finland ceded a tenth of its territory to the Soviet Union and resettled the entire population living in these areas in the remaining parts of the country. We use nation wide register information such as Causes of Death Register, Hospital Discharge Register, and Cancer Register.

Outcome of eating disorders
Large follow-up study of population of 2500 hospitalized eating disorder patients.

Schizophrenia, genetics and drugs
Genetic markers in connection to antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs are studied in nationwide schizophrenia study.

Pharmacoepidemiologic studies
Pharmacoepidemiologic of statins, antipsychotic, and antidepressant drugs.

Epidemiology of suicide and attempted suicide
Risk factors and treatment of attempted suicide.

The CARING (CAncer Risk and INsulin analoGues) project will obtain precise data on the incidence of cancer in diabetic patients and determine any link with use of various insulin and insulin analogues. http://www.caring-diabetes.eu/

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Dr. Jari Haukka  
Department of Public Health  
University of Helsinki  
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